We have completed many projects using a wide variety of construction methods and materials. Even when traditional construction materials are used, we do not restrict ourselves to a conventional design approach; the effective application of new methods often results in more economical solutions to design problems.

We have designed a wide range of architectural, civil, and industrial structures. In addition to design for new construction, we have extensive experience with preserving, renovating, and remodeling older buildings, as well as engineering for temporary needs such as excavation bracing, formwork, shoring, and scaffolding.

  • New structures of all types, including buildings, industrial structures, civil structures, and bridges.
  • Remodel, for change of use or occupancy, and addition or reconfiguration of space.
  • Retrofit of older structures to improve their structural integrity and extend their useful service life.
  • Repair of structures damaged by foundation movements, fire, earthquake, wind and snow loads, decay and deterioration, and other phenomena.


We find structural investigations as demanding as they are interesting and rewarding. Few design firms excel in this area because the methodology of investigation is quite different from that of design. When a structure is in trouble, design code checks may not reveal the problem; the engineer must identify and understand the real structural behavior. Whether a condition evaluation of a healthy building or a failure analysis after a collapse, investigative problems require a firm understanding of the theoretical coupled with a strong practical feel; we have both.

  • Structural assessments to help clients understand the strengths and weaknesses of their existing structures.
  • Failure analysis to predict a structure’s likely failure mode or explain real-world failure events.
  • Expert witness to explain to triers-of-fact subject matter that is within our areas of expertise and beyond the laypersons common knowledge.
  • Insurance claim review to determine extent of damages caused by insurable events.

Applied Research and Development

Research projects keep us technically current and allow us to contribute to advancements in our field. These projects often include physical testing and other activities that inform our understanding of the real world behavior of structures and improve our engineering judgment.

  • System certification for bringing proprietary structural systems to market.
  • Improvements to building codes and standards of practice.
  • Seismic, wind and snow load research for improved design reliability and efficiency.

We frequently make presentations at conferences on the subjects of our research and we develop and deliver continuing education training courses, seminars, and webinars on new requirements in structural engineering standards and for design of proprietary systems.

Specialized Services

Structural engineering is a very broad field, and often clients need specialized structural engineering services that many traditional firms cannot provide. Our engineers are experienced in providing specialized services, often when we are referred by our professional peers.

  • Blast engineering
  • Vibration engineering, testing and analysis
  • Load testing
  • Construction engineering
  • Temporary shoring design
  • Excavation bracing design
  • Buried structures
  • Value engineering
  • Peer review
  • Condition surveys
  • Post-disaster structural evaluation
  • Weld inspections
  • Demolition Engineering
  • Progressive Collapse Resistant Structures