J.R. Harris & Company is a full-service consulting structural engineering firm that was founded in 1984 by James Robert Harris, P.E, Ph.D. Since then, we have become one of the leading structural engineering firms in the Rocky Mountain Region, practicing in three primary fields of structural engineering activity: design, investigation, and research and development.

Our culture:

We intentionally maintain a small firm structure because we believe that promotes an improved, personal working experience for our employees and a consistent working relationship for our clients.. We strive to be a reliable structural engineering resource for our clients, to pursue excellence in engineering through creativity and collaboration, and to support and promote the construction community through both project and professional activities.

Our philosophy:

  • We provide structural engineering services following current standards and using modern methodologies, while staying true to first principles of engineering.
  • We consistently acknowledge the contributions made by our staff, peers, and colleagues towards the advancement of our practice and of our profession.
  • We work to improve our professional community at many levels, from local to international
  • We believe construction economy is a key aspect in structural engineering services, and we are very cognizant of different measures of economy, including initial construction costs through life cycle costs.
  • We strive for sustainability through creative, efficient, durable, and resilient solutions for our clients.

We are licensed in these states: